Detailing Services

Automotive Detailing Services

Our automotive detailing services are a great way to maintain the appearance and value of your vehicle. We perform all services by hand and to the highest quality possible. We use environmentally friendly products and processes to clean, correct, and protect your vehicle from the harsh elements they are operated in.

We offer these services at our shop and on the road. Customers who have more flexibility in their schedule or work/ live near our shop we can take care of your detail needs here. Customers that live in other parts of town, work long hours, or just want the convenience of having us come to you, we also have mobile services. You will love the way your car looks and feels after we are done with it. Take pride in driving the vehicle you worked so hard for.

Automotive Detailing


Please note: Any vehicle that is especially dirty could be subject to an additional charge depending on the time required to clean the area. Mobile services are subject to a mobile service fee. Call for pricing details.

Detail Enhancements

Before we get to the detail packages and what is included with each, there are a few items that we would like explain so that when selecting a package, you can make the absolute best decision for your vehicle.

Chemical Decontamination – Decontaminating the painted surfaces with a specialized chemical is a necessary step on most, if not all vehicles, even brand new vehicles. Ferrous metals, containing iron deposits, will become embedded in the paint from the rail dust when vehicles are shipped via railroad. Daily use of a vehicle will cause this same concern, as ferrous metals are in the environment in which the vehicle is operated. Chemical Decontamination works by dissolving the ferrous metals, making them water soluble and then they are easily and safely removed during the wash process.

Claying the Paint – While decontaminating the surface chemically does a great job, it neglects the contaminates that are not ferrous and are above the clear coat. Because the clear coat is soft and malleable, these contaminates stick to it and become embedded. The absolute best approach to dealing with this concern is to have the vehicle chemically decontaminated and then clayed. All of the contaminates will be removed, allowing for the polish, wax and sealant to adhere better.

Engine Bay Cleaning  – This service will remove the majority of the grease, dirt and debris from the engine bay, restoring air flow and helping the engine run cooler. This service also helps automotive technicians diagnose leaks quicker, which should result in lower repair bills. Although this is a service that most people will not notice, adding this service to your detail will help you maintain a higher vehicle value. We recommend this service once a year.

After reviewing the packages, you can request an appointment online or call us at 843-834-0307.

Complete Detail

Complete Detail Our Complete Detail service takes all the worry out of whether your vehicle is clean. This service combines the Interior and Exterior Detail services for an all-in-one package. With our Complete Detail you are sure to be impressed with the final result. Every aspect of this service is designed to have your vehicle looking […][read more]

Exterior Detail

  Exterior Detail If your vehicle is brand new, 10 years old, or even older every vehicle can benefit from professional detailing. Our Exterior Detail will clean, decontaminate, and protect the exterior surfaces. We recommend having the Exterior Detail performed every couple of months to ensure your vehicle stays in top shape for years to come. […][read more]

Interior Detail

Interior Detail The interiors of vehicles often can be a breeding ground of germs and bacteria. Having your interior cleaned regularly will reduce the risk of airborne illnesses. Also, its just nice to have a clean interior. We use only the best products to clean your interior. This allows for a great result without a harsh […][read more]

Flooded Vehicles

Flooded Vehicles  Often times during natural disasters, we are met with some sort of damage or flooding in the Lowcountry. Unfortunately; Hurricanes, storms, or even just high tide can leave behind flooded homes, businesses and vehicles. After a Flood While we can’t assist you in all of your repair efforts, there is one thing we do well […][read more]

Exotic & Show Car Detailing

Exotic cars are amazing pieces of machinery as well as being works of art. Proper care for these vehicles is necessary to avoid potential damage. With the use of carbon fiber, aluminum, and other composite materials it is more important than ever to make sure that the person or team detailing your vehicle is completely trained, and […][read more]

Maintenance Wash

Maintenance Wash   The Maintenance Wash service is a great way to maintain a vehicle that has already had a larger detail. This service will keep your vehicle looking great and protected from the elements, especially when this service is completed at least once a month. Whats Included? Hand wash – We hand wash the exterior surfaces using […][read more]