Exotic & Show Car Detailing

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Exotic Car Detailing Exotic cars are amazing pieces of machinery as well as being works of art. Proper care for these vehicles is necessary to avoid potential damage. With the use of carbon fiber, aluminum, and other composite materials it is more important than ever to make sure that the person or team detailing your vehicle is completely trained, and certified by the International Detailing Association. Having your exotic car detailed by Palm Auto means you will get the personal attention of the owner (Stephen) on your pride and joy. With extensive training, proper equipment, and top shelf products we are sure to impress you with our attention to detail and the extreme care we take with these vehicles. Because of the complexity of these vehicles and the special tools, products, and knowledge that comes with these services, we recommend bringing the vehicle into our shop allowing us to take the necessary time to make these vehicles really stand out.

    Complete Detail

    Complete Detail Our Complete Detail service takes all the worry out of whether your vehicle is clean. This service combines the Interior and Exterior Detail services for an all-in-one package. With our Complete Detail you are sure to be impressed with the final result. Every aspect of this service is designed to have your vehicle looking […][read more]

    Interior Detail

    Interior Detail The interiors of vehicles often can be a breeding ground of germs and bacteria. Having your interior cleaned regularly will reduce the risk of airborne illnesses. Also, its just nice to have a clean interior. We use only the best products to clean your interior. This allows for a great result without a harsh […][read more]

    Exterior Detail

      Exterior Detail If your vehicle is brand new, 10 years old, or even older every vehicle can benefit from professional detailing. Our Exterior Detail will clean, decontaminate, and protect the exterior surfaces. We recommend having the Exterior Detail performed every couple of months to ensure your vehicle stays in top shape for years to come. […][read more]

    Flooded Vehicles

    Flooded Vehicles  Often times during natural disasters, we are met with some sort of damage or flooding in the Lowcountry. Unfortunately; Hurricanes, storms, or even just high tide can leave behind flooded homes, businesses and vehicles. After a Flood While we can’t assist you in all of your repair efforts, there is one thing we do well […][read more]

    Maintenance Wash

    Maintenance Wash   The Maintenance Wash service is a great way to maintain a vehicle that has already had a larger detail. This service will keep your vehicle looking great and protected from the elements, especially when this service is completed at least once a month. Whats Included? Hand wash – We hand wash the exterior surfaces using […][read more]