Marine Detailing

Whether you boat for fun or for your livelihood, taking care of your boat is very important. Boats are expensive to purchase and maintain, especially because they put up with a lot of abuse from the environmental elements. If your boat is not taken care of, you may find yourself wasting money repainting it sooner than you thought or wasting money on fuel because a dirty hull can cause more drag. Any way you think about it, boat detailing is a necessary part of owning a boat. Detailing regularly will ensure your boat shines in or out of water, and will help protect the gel coat. Because boats vary in size, pricing structure for boats is based on the length. There are 3 options to choose from that will help keep your boat looking great.

Please note: Any boat that is especially dirty could be subject to an additional charge depending on the time required to clean the area.

After reviewing the packages you can request an appointment online or call us at 843-834-0307.

Boat Basic Wash – $7 per linear foot

Regular cleaning of your boat is necessary to its longevity. Properly maintaining your boat will ensure years of enjoyment, without the worry of degradation. We recommend a basic boat wash once a month or after each use to ensure it is free of contamination.

  • Wash all exterior surfaces 
  • Wipe all seating surfaces
  • Clean windscreens 

Boat Wash & Wax – $10 per linear foot

Having the Wash & Wax performed will ensure your boat stays protected in between cleanings. Having the protection on your boat will act as a barrier, protecting from the saltwater and uv rays. We strongly recommend having your boat washed in between wax services to flush the contamination from use away. A boat wash and wax should be done two times a year, every six months.

  • Everything in the Basic Wash plus: 
  • Wax all surfaces including non-skid
  • Clean and condition vinyl
  • Polish bright work

Boat Complete Detail – $20 per linear foot

Want to take your boat to a higher level of clean and protection? The Complete Detail is designed for customers who expect nothing but the best for their boats. If you use your boat for work, fishing, or recreation, this service will keep it looking great and protected from the harsh environment it is operated in. With our Complete Boat Detail, you will have minor paint issues corrected, then followed up by a sealant which will make future washes and care easier. This service is recommended once a year or as needed.

  • Everything in the Wash & Wax plus: 
  • Compound and polish hull  
  • Clean center console and storage bins
  • Apply Sealant to the hull 



*Add a one year Semi-Permanent Coating to this complete service for an additional $15 per linear foot*

Coming soon. Wet sanding for extremely oxidized boats.

    Mobile Detailing

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    Recreational Vehicle Detailing

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    Fleet Vehicles

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    Group Washes

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