Vehicle Care Plan

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Vehicle Care Plan

Why become a Palm VCP member?

You will receive initial benefits as well as continuing benefits for the length of the plan. As long as you participate your paint will remain protected for up to 36 months without needing the initial service performed again. Fabric protection will be reapplied once a year. Minor interior issues will be corrected as they arise.

Initial benefits:

  • Pick up and delivery for your first service (up to 20 miles from our shop)
  • Free bottle of Brilliant Shine Detailer and a micro fiber towel for touch ups and in-between services.

Continued Benefits:

  • Maintenance washes and 6 month sealant service available at a discounted rate
  • One lower monthly fee to keep your vehicle clean and protected.
  • Discounts available on your other cars, trucks, boats, or rv’s
  • Minor issues including coffee spills, dirty panels, seats etc corrected during visit and often at no charge
  • Discounted products
  • No membership fee

Plan Levels

Complete Detail – We do everything in the Complete Detail, plus you receive Fabric Protection and Chemical Decontamination.

Exterior Detail – We do everything in the Exterior Detail, plus Chemical Decontamination.

Silver VCP – Monthly service

Gold VCP – Bi-weekly service.

Platinum VCP – Weekly service.

After the detail is completed we correct the paint which can consist of many different processes. As always we use the least aggressive method needed to obtain the best possible results.. We then apply the 12 month coating on your vehicle and top it with a 6 month sealant. This is important because the sealant acts as the sacrificial layer that bonds on top of the coating. Using this system  will provide 36 months of paint protection without having to redo any of the correction work. It also means a smaller coating charge compared to the 3 year coatings which allows you to spend the remaining money on preventative detailing maintenance. After the initial service we spread out the remaining services and make it so there is one lower monthly payment.

Once you have had your initial service completed you are a VCP member. Now you can choose which service level you would like to keep your vehicle maintained. After 6 months would would reapply the sealant on top of the coating to extent the paint protection further. The monthly payment, billed at the beginning of the month, will never change. After some time we will have to start the program again; however, not for 3 years!

Important side note:

We do not recommend tunnel washing as this method of cleaning a vehicle is very aggressive and bad for your paint. If you think about the amount of vehicles that go through one of those tunnels in a day, with who knows what kind of dirt and debris hanging from them. That debris ends up embedded in the cloths, the same cloths that are smacking your vehicle (these cloths are not cleaned often), this is how scratches and swirls appear.

The touch-less tunnels have their own issues because they use such caustic chemicals (its how they can get a semi-clean look without touching the car), they actually strip any wax or sealant off the car leaving your paint unprotected. When you realize how thin the paint is, (about as thick as a piece of paper, sometimes 2) it makes sense to properly wash and maintain it. keeping a vehicle looking new and maintained will keep you in love with your vehicle longer and increase resale value.